Woman using smartphone and laptop with icon graphic Cyber security network of connected devices and personal data security

On June 18, 2015, Bill S-4 (the Digital Privacy Act) came into force in Canada and finally introduced mandatory data breach reporting and notification requirements by amending Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act known as “PIPEDA”.   The glaring deficiency in PIPEDA ...

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Client Spotlight: Q&A with Veronika Barbakadze – Immigration Solutions the Compassionate Way

Client Spotlight V2

Veronika Barbakadze’s passion for immigration was born out of an unfortunate situation as she watched her mother lose her Canadian refugee status and be deported back to Israel. Two professionals showed her the right way and the very wrong way to approach client representation and the immigration system.

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Off the Books with Randy Urman: Adapting to Minimum Wage Increases


Like it or not, the minimum wage is on the rise. Manager Randy Urman considers what these sweeping changes mean for small businesses and offers advice on how to tighten your belt to offset the increases.

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Cryptocurrency: What does the CRA and the IRS want me to report?


The world of Cryptocurrency is a fast-moving ‘wild-west’ of business transactions.  Fortunes have been made overnight and thieves have accounted for at least $80M in stolen cryptocurrency value.  The industry is moving so quickly that tax authorities in many jurisdictions have not yet decided ...

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Many times, Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) does not accept an income tax return as filed.  There may be a dispute regarding the deductibility of expenses or the characterization of income.  Examples of these items may include: Travel expenses incurred in the course of business activities that ...

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Richard Gold and Randy Urman Celebrate 10 Years at Sloan Partners


At the recent Sloan Golf Day, Managing Partner Allen Sloan presented Randy Urman (above), Manager and Richard Gold (below), Chief Operations Officer with watches marking their 10 year anniversary with Sloan Partners LLP.  Randy is responsible for providing Accounting and Taxation services to a ...

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CRA Beefs up Investigations into Personal and Business Taxes

27011725 - cropped image of auditor examining invoice with magnifying glass at desk

Ever wanted to know what the CRA is looking for these days? In the 2016 budget, the government announced that it would invest $444.4 million in the CRA over the next five years, which includes: “hiring additional auditors and specialists; developing robust business intelligence infrastructure, ...

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Off the Books: Jerry Paskowitz


How did Sloan Partners form? Allen Sloan began a sole practice in (about) 1984 and formed a partnership with Stan Swartz in 1986.  I commenced my practice in 1987 after leaving a Toronto-based firm as a Manager. Stan and I were introduced by a mutual acquaintance, and in 1989 we discussed a ...

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Client Spotlight: MacKinnon Bowes, LTD. Shaping the Funeral Services Industry in Canada


Most of us take a job in high school to earn a little spending money or to contribute to a college fund.  As a high school senior, Allan Cole took his first job working at Mackinnon & Bowes as a launching point for a career in funeral services.  Now, with more than 40 years in...

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