Off the Books: Jerry Paskowitz


How did Sloan Partners form? Allen Sloan began a sole practice in (about) 1984 and formed a partnership with Stan Swartz in 1986.  I commenced my practice in 1987 after leaving a Toronto-based firm as a Manager. Stan and I were introduced by a mutual acquaintance, and in 1989 we discussed a ...

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Client Spotlight: MacKinnon Bowes, LTD. Shaping the Funeral Services Industry in Canada


Most of us take a job in high school to earn a little spending money or to contribute to a college fund.  As a high school senior, Allan Cole took his first job working at Mackinnon & Bowes as a launching point for a career in funeral services.  Now, with more than 40 years in...

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Five Ways to De-Stress After Tax Day

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Tax season can be a stressful time for anyone.  Gathering all the necessary documentation, meetings with your accountant and filing deadlines can all take their toll.   Whether mental or physical, stress can wreak havoc on our lives and bodies. Following are five ways to get back to a healthier ...

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The Underground Economy: What You Need to Know

Cash in Hand

A teacher has a second job as a freelance writer; a plumber takes on side jobs for cash to make a little extra money; a mom selling her crafts on Etsy.  These are all examples of the underground economy – activities, both legal and illegal, that add up to trillions of dollars that take place... ...

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Income Splitting for Small Businesses to End – How to Be Prepared

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Income splitting for owner-managed and family-owned business could be coming to an end, according to Department of Finance releases in connection to the 2017 budget. One of the goals of the budget is to achieve “Tax Fairness for the middle class…ensuring the tax system is fair…reviewing tax ...

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Canadian accounting firms surfing the trade wave


Despite challenges in technology and recruitment, Canadian accounting firm leaders remain optimistic on their ability to react to global uncertainty and make the most of commercial opportunities.  International Accounting Bulletin’s Canada rankings 2017 Canada is the 10th largest economy ...

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Should Life Insurance Policies be Corporate or Personally Owned?

Milestone Wealth_article posts

In the business life insurance market, the question of policy ownership is often raised. A business owner may have many reasons for preferring that his company own the policies.  However, it’s important to consider all the issues before a decision is made. Personal need or business need Before ...

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Congratulations to our Team Members

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The Partners and Team at Sloan Partners LLP are proud to announce that Olesia Avdiouchtchenko and Toshi Hatashita have passed the professional qualification examinations of the Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario.

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Cuba: Open for Business!

38178108 - holiday preparation, destination cuba

On November 10, Managing Partner Allen Sloan spoke at the Morison KSi International and Asia Pacific Conference in Bangkok, Thailand on the Cuban economy and how Sloan Group is helping clients who want to take advantage of new business opportunities in Cuba.   Sloan shared insights about ...

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