Jerry Paskowitz Photo Exhibit a Hit


Sloan Partner and “fotomacher” Jerry Paskowitz celebrates another successful photo exhibit at the Art Square Gallery in Toronto In addition to his career as a CPA, Founding Partner Jerry Paskowitz is also an accomplished travel, nature and fine art photographer.  He has exhibited his work in a ...

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Client Spotlight: Fahimeh Sarvestani Wants to Help You to be Smarter with Your Money


Marc Anthony once said, “if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life”. When you speak to Fahimeh Sarvestani about her career with World Financial Group (WFG), you can feel her love and passion for her job as a Mutual Fund Representative and Insurance Agent. But Fahimeh ...

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Tracking your mileage for Business? There’s an app for that

75059275 - door car - detail of a luxury car

Most of us are aware that we can claim work-related automobile expenses on our taxes. This all sounds amazing, until you sit down and do the driving math differentiating personal and business trips. Do you go on Google Maps and calculate the route? Sure, but what if you took a detour? Do you ...

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Richard Gold and Randy Urman Celebrate 10 Years at Sloan Partners


At the recent Sloan Golf Day, Managing Partner Allen Sloan presented Randy Urman (above), Manager and Richard Gold (below), Chief Operations Officer with watches marking their 10 year anniversary with Sloan Partners LLP.  Randy is responsible for providing Accounting and Taxation services to a ...

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CRA Beefs up Investigations into Personal and Business Taxes

27011725 - cropped image of auditor examining invoice with magnifying glass at desk

Ever wanted to know what the CRA is looking for these days? In the 2016 budget, the government announced that it would invest $444.4 million in the CRA over the next five years, which includes: “hiring additional auditors and specialists; developing robust business intelligence infrastructure, ...

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CRA Targets Underground Economy of Home Contractors and Renovators

Construction worker

If you, or someone you know is a contractor, please share this information with them. It is important that you, or them, are made aware of the recent news surrounding Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and the Federal Court of Appeal (FCA) regarding contractors.

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Off the Books with Nasrin Gorgen: Finding the Beauty in Taxes


When did you join Sloan Group and what was your background before joining the team? I joined Sloan Group nearly three years ago.  I have been working for different CA firms for the past 20 years.  I worked for a few large firms before joining Sloan, and I consider this my final career ...

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Client Spotlight: AGM Automation – Bringing Innovation to Packaging


When you think of manufacturing, you most likely envision assembly lines pumping out identical products one after another.  But today’s technology allows for much more complex, custom design manufacturing solutions.  At the forefront of that technology is AGM Automation, one of Canada’s leading ...

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Big Tax Changes for Business are Here – Start Planning Now


NOTE: Proposed draft legislation has been significantly amended subsequent to the publication of this blog. Sloan Partners will examine the tax changes in future blog postings. If you are an incorporated small business or professional your taxes may soon be increasing significantly. As reported ...

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How long should you keep your tax files?

Large stack of paperwork and files with calculator. An assortment of files and booklets and paper in an in tray on a desk. There is also an adding machine calculator. There are no people. Stress, overwork and finance concept.

Clients often ask us how long do they have to keep old files and documents.  Generally, CRA is able to reassess during a four year period after they issue a Notice of Assessment.  CRA’s guidelines, however, recommend that documents be kept for seven years. In spite of this, a recent Tax Court ...

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SR&ED Tax Credits – We Can Help!


For many years Canadian companies lagged behind other members in the G7 in their proportional spending on research and development.  The Canadian governments have committed to increasing the amount of research and development performed in Canada as a means of stimulating Canada’s economic ...

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