What Is The Process For Claiming SR&ED?

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The SR&ED program is administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).  This is important because SR&ED is earned as a matter of right (more of this in a later blog) as opposed to being subject to departmental budgets or the technology “flavor of the month”.  The claimant picks the ...

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LLC spells trouble for Canadians who own U.S. property

Sloan -- LLC Spells Trouble for Canadians

David A. Altro / October 16, 2013 Using a limited liability company (LLC) is a great option for Americans who own U.S. property. Here’s why. 1. Tax savings In the U.S., tax rates are lower for individuals than corporations. Although it seems better to hold property personally so the investor ...

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What Is SR&ED And How Is It Defined?

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SR&ED is an acronym for Scientific Research and Experimental Development, a federal incentive program for companies performing SR&ED.  Many provinces have similar programs.  In the past several years the Federal Government has issued $3+ Billion, annually, in SR&ED credits. Over the ...

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What Are You Doing For The Future?

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There are times in history when people make predictions that turn out to be completely and utterly wrong. Here are three predictions; Western Union originally rejected the plans for the telephone saying in an internal memo in 1876, “The device is inherently of no value to us.” In 1889 the ...

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