Tax Day is May 5th. Avoid Costly Tax Filing Penalties!


Don’t be late for this very important date.  The filing deadline for 2013 income taxes have been extended, but it’s still critical to get your taxes in on time to avoid late filing as the penalties can be financially costly. As a result of the shutdown at the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) last ...

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Snowbirds Beware: Tax Pain Can Follow You Everywhere – Literally.


Just because you only live in Florida for the winter doesn’t mean the IRS doesn’t want your tax dollars, too.  See if you’re at risk. John is a Canadian resident. He is not a U.S. citizen or green card holder, but each year he spends the winter months with his wife in Florida. In some...

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Need Help with a Business Dispute? Introducing Springbok ADR Services


Don’t let a dispute go all the way to the courtroom. A qualified ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) professional  can help find a solution (and save significant legal fees) for everything from debtor/creditor issues to shareholder/partner disputes and estate issues. Whether it’s ...

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Off the Books: We ask Jerry Paskowitz, “What Are Your Wealthiest Clients Doing Right?”


Partner Jerry Paskowitz, Sloan Group’s resident expert on business growth opportunities, talks frankly about business failure, the keys to business success, and what wealthy people do right with their money. What can we learn from your wealthy clients?  What are they doing right? They’re ...

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