Off the Books with Tax Expert Michael Fromstein


Sloan Partners’ Director of Taxation, Michael Fromstein has been a senior tax and accounting expert since 1982. In addition to being Sloan Partners’ resident “tax man”, Michael conducts professional development courses for the Ontario School of Chartered Accountants. No tax matter is too big or ...

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Client Spotlight: Police Auctions Kingpin


When Steve Wagman founded Sterling Bailiffs in 1994, he had no idea it would spawn such a successful enterprise of other related businesses. Its brother company, Platinum Liquidations Inc. is a prominent auction centre and storage facility in the Greater Toronto Area, which services the likes ...

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Finances and the Federal Election


In this short overview of the policies of the three parties in contention to lead Canada for the next 5 years, I’d like to first mention the cost of the election process. It is estimated by the Canadian a Taxpayers a Federation that the three parties will spend a total of about $500 ...

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The Shareholder Agreement: What is it and is it Necessary?


Going into business with other people, no matter who these other people might be (i.e. your best friends, your siblings, your parents, or anyone else) is always a risky venture. When most people choose to go into business with one another, they cannot imagine a breakdown of their relationship ...

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