Off the Books with Juan Battilana


You emigrated from Argentina to Canada in 2010.  What prompted the move? I grew up in a beautiful town called Choele Choel in south Argentina.  My wife is Toronto-born, and we met when she was on a student exchange in Argentina in my town.  After completing her degree, she moved back to ...

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The Scoop on Post Election/Year-End Tax Planning


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently named Bill Morneau, the rookie Toronto MP, as Canada’s new Minister of Finance. Morneau’s first priority will be to make good on Trudeau’s promise to reduce taxes on the middle class by raising them on the wealthy. He has a big job ahead of him since ...

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Client Spotlight: Leading the Way, Gluten-Free


When Christine Costa (pictured) and Melanie Larocque began working together in the administrative office of a Fortune 500 company in 2008, there was no way to know that they would end up dear friends and one day be partners in a successful Toronto specialty bakery. Theirs is a Cinderella story ...

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Tax Rates to Rise for Top Earners in 2016


As stated in the Liberal platform, new tax legislation is expected by year’s end. How will you fare in the new tax configuration? If you earn less than $81,848 you most likely won’t be affected by the new rates. But those with personal income over $81,848 could see a significant rise in what ...

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Sloan Partners Merges with Rothberg Accounting Firm


Sloan Partners LLC is pleased to announce the merger of our firm with the Norman A. Rothberg accounting firm. The Rothberg firm has been committed to providing timely and accurate financial services to their clients since 1979. This decision to merge firms was made in the best interest of both ...

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