Funny Money: Your Chuckle for the Day


Late one night a mugger wearing a ski mask jumps into the path of a man walking home from a bus stop. Sticking a gun in his ribs, the mugger shouts, “Give me your money!” Indignant, the man replies, “You can not do this, I am a Canada Revenue agent!” “Oh, in that case,” says the...

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Off the Books with Robert McGaghran


Sloan Group Tax Manager Robert McGaghran brings a real desire to help clients meet their life’s goals to his work with his Toronto clients and uses his specialty in U.S. and Canadian tax to help corporate clients navigate business dealings down south. You have experience in corporate tax ...

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Client Spotlight: Jamii – Connecting People Through Arts and Culture in Public Spaces


When Isorine Marc immigrated to Canada from France for an internship in 2006, she had no idea how her decision on where to live would have such a profound effect on her life and the lives of those in her community. That internship was located near The Esplanade, a culturally diverse ...

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Top 5 Real Estate Mogul Secrets to Successful Real Estate Investing


So you have been watching home renovation and property-flipping shows on TV for some time now.  You know, the ones where people are apparently making money hand over fist flipping properties.  Or you know of a friend of a friend who has made it big investing in real estate and is now living a ...

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What to Do When Clients Won’t Pay


I recently heard from an extremely frustrated client and her complaint may resonate with many business owners.  She said, “I’m beginning to hate my business! Instead of concentrating on sales – something I love doing – I’m spending half my time trying to get paid. To make matters worse I gave ...

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