Off the Books with Trucilla Macedo


Trucilla Macedo brings a sunny disposition and a professional attitude to the office every day as Sloan Group’s Director of First Impressions.  We recently sat down with Trucilla to learn about the importance of her job as the frontline greeter, why she feels appreciated in her job, and how ...

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Beware of the Tax Risks When Hiring Casual Labour

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Casual labour is generally defined as employment involving the performance of a service on a temporary or part-time basis.  If you hire an individual to work for a few hours on a sporadic or intermittent basis, and they are not on your payroll, you utilize casual labour.  Until about 10 years ...

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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Photographer Bruce Pinnock is Turning his Passion into a Thriving Business


Conventional wisdom says that it is important to follow your passion in life. But as most of us can attest, sometimes that is easier said than done.  Entrepreneurs are the rare breed who are lucky enough to not only follow their dreams but also make a living doing it. Bruce Pinnock is one of ...

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Self-Employed? Find Out If Employment Insurance is Right for You

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Most employees in Canada are required to contribute to Employment Insurance (EI), a national program designed to provide temporary benefits for individuals unable to work. Those eligible for EI can receive regular EI benefits in the event they lose their job or qualify for special benefits, ...

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