Should Life Insurance Policies be Corporate or Personally Owned?

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In the business life insurance market, the question of policy ownership is often raised. A business owner may have many reasons for preferring that his company own the policies.  However, it’s important to consider all the issues before a decision is made. Personal need or business need Before ...

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Off the Books with Olesia Avdiouchtchenko


I see you often go by Olesia A.  Your last name – Avdiouchtchenko – is very unique.  What is its origin? I go by Olesia A. because my full last name is too long to type!  I was born in Russia, and I have a few different ethnicities.  My last name has a Ukrainian origin....

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Sloan Partners Opens New Calgary Office, Announces New Accountant

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Sloan Partners, LLP, a leading accountancy and business consultancy firm located in Toronto, is pleased to announce the opening of its Calgary, Alberta office.  Jean Pierre Rukebesha, CPA, a successful accounting and business consultant with more than 10 years’ experience advising small ...

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Making Sense of Your T4A Slips

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With the Canada Revenue Agency payroll filing deadline rapidly approaching, employers often ask what slips to issue to individuals not on the payroll, including self-employed contractors, casual labour, or other payments made to individuals for services. This question is often prompted by the ...

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