Off the Books with Nasrin Gorgen: Finding the Beauty in Taxes


When did you join Sloan Group and what was your background before joining the team? I joined Sloan Group nearly three years ago.  I have been working for different CA firms for the past 20 years.  I worked for a few large firms before joining Sloan, and I consider this my final career ...

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Client Spotlight: AGM Automation – Bringing Innovation to Packaging


When you think of manufacturing, you most likely envision assembly lines pumping out identical products one after another.  But today’s technology allows for much more complex, custom design manufacturing solutions.  At the forefront of that technology is AGM Automation, one of Canada’s leading ...

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Big Tax Changes for Business are Here – Start Planning Now


NOTE: Proposed draft legislation has been significantly amended subsequent to the publication of this blog. Sloan Partners will examine the tax changes in future blog postings. If you are an incorporated small business or professional your taxes may soon be increasing significantly. As reported ...

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