CRA Clarifies Proposed Income Splitting Rules

On July 18, 2017 the government proposed a number of significant income tax changes for small business operating through private corporations in Canada.  Following significant backlash from the business community, the government postponed or eliminated most of these proposals, however, measures ...

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Client Spotlight: Q&A with Veronika Barbakadze – Immigration Solutions the Compassionate Way

Client Spotlight V2

Veronika Barbakadze’s passion for immigration was born out of an unfortunate situation as she watched her mother lose her Canadian refugee status and be deported back to Israel. Two professionals showed her the right way and the very wrong way to approach client representation and the immigration system.

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Bill 148 employment law means big changes for Ontario employers

Wooden judge gavel with unpaid bill under it

Bill 148, the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017, which significantly amends Ontario labour and employment law, has received Royal Assent and is now law. Earlier in 2017, the Ontario government issued its response to a Final Report two Special Advisors drafted as part of their Changing ...

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2017 Tax changes and how you may be affected

tax changes

Ontarians will see many changes to personal, business and real estate taxes come April. Check out our handy guide to some of the biggest changes that will affect you and your wallet.

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Off the Books with Randy Urman: Adapting to Minimum Wage Increases


Like it or not, the minimum wage is on the rise. Manager Randy Urman considers what these sweeping changes mean for small businesses and offers advice on how to tighten your belt to offset the increases.

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CRA limits Voluntary Disclosure Program

Corruption illegal criminal activity tax evasion economy ponzi scheme concept. Closeup man hand hiding tax card in a sleeve of a suit isolated on gray wall background

Bad News From Canada Revenue Agency (if you have been naughty with your taxes…) For many years CRA has had a “voluntary disclosure program” for taxpayers to ‘come clean’ if they have not included taxable items in their tax returns.  The problem may have resulted from an oversight, like ...

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Cryptocurrency: What does the CRA and the IRS want me to report?


The world of Cryptocurrency is a fast-moving ‘wild-west’ of business transactions.  Fortunes have been made overnight and thieves have accounted for at least $80M in stolen cryptocurrency value.  The industry is moving so quickly that tax authorities in many jurisdictions have not yet decided ...

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