Tax deadlines for 2018

The countdown to the end of the Tax Year. Ensure you file your tax forms and take advantage of any tax breaks or allowances that are available only within the current tax year. Isolated on white. Good copy space.

With tax season fast approaching, here’s a list of deadlines to keep in mind which can help you file your personal tax returns: April 22nd, 2018 Deadline to set up a pre-authorized debit payments for 2017 to avoid interest charges. April 30th, 2018 Filing due date for 2017 tax returns for ...

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Interns Bring Talent and Drive to Sloan Partners


The spirit of Sloan Partners resides in its people, and we are always looking for ways to cultivate emerging talent. We have a dynamic internship program that brings multiple interns to join our team throughout the year. Our interns come from different backgrounds and fill a variety of roles ...

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Why the age of retirement is generally accepted to be 65?

retirement age

In 1889, Germany became the first country to adopt a national pension program under the leadership of its first Chancellor,  Otto von Bismarck — the Iron Chancellor. The German system initially was intended for those 70 and older, but the starting age was later lowered to 65, according to ...

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Implications of new tax reforms

tax reforms

Jerry Paskowitz, partner at Morison KSi member firm Sloan Partners, says 2018 is likely to be a good year for business owners to invest in productivity improvements, although he accepts that uncertainty around interest rates movements is a concern. “In January, the Bank of Canada increased the ...

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