Is Entrepreneurship Taking its Toll?

Do something you love for money, and you will never work a day in your life, or so the saying goes. For many entrepreneurs, the idea of working on something they are passionate about while maintaining full control is a tempting one. However, the grind of actually running a business can sap the joy out of their day, ruining what should have been a dream job. The good news is there are things you can do to keep the joy alive through a tough time. Here are 5 ways you can keep your daily work as pleasant and as happy as possible:

  1. Give People Credit Where Credit is Due

One of the best ways to make yourself happy doesn’t actually involve you, not directly at any rate. It involves someone doing good work, and you giving them the positive feedback they deserve. There are numerous benefits to freely and readily offering positive feedback, from higher morale in the office to promote the correct behavior or actions at work. However, the benefits don’t end at productivity.

Giving someone a genuine and real compliment can make you feel good about yourself. The reasons for this will vary from person to person, but for the most part, it’s because you brightened someone’s day and made them feel important. You might also feel good because you recognized someone’s skill, an act that does not come easy to everyone. Whatever the case, accept the positive feelings that come from giving compliments.

   2. Improve Meal Quality

You are what you eat, and sadly, a lot of entrepreneurs choose to eat relatively depressing meals. Junk or fast food might be readily available and cheap, but they are rarely healthy. However, many still choose those options just because it’s quick, filling, and can get them back to work in quick order. That practice does come at a cost, and it’s your health and psyche. Both tend to suffer from a poor diet.

It might take a bit more effort, but the benefits of having high quality and healthy meals are worth it. Not only will you be healthier in both mind and body, but your meals will also probably taste better too. That does not mean you should not eat at all when it is midnight and you are pulling an unexpected all-nighter, only that when you can, you should eat healthily.

   3. Schedule When You Check Your Email

Constantly checking your email is not only bad for your productivity, it’s also apparently bad for your mood. Email is like personalized news for you – great if it’s all good, but the fact is most of your emails will be neutral or worse in tone. That is not great for your mood. Additionally, email can make you feel more reactionary than you already are.

Save checking your email for specific points of your day. Thrice a day – at the start, at the middle, and at the end of the day – is often workable. More urgent messages will be sent through more immediate channels, such as direct messaging or text, so you likely won’t have to worry about missing something important.

   4. Get Outdoors

Being cooped up in an office, no matter how nice, will have some negative impact on your psyche. Some people might get bored with the routine. Other people may feel too constricted, or even trapped. Still, others might just not enjoy so much time indoors. The solution is simple – set aside sometime each day to just go out of the office.

It doesn’t matter what you do outside. Go for a walk or exercise. You could even sit and do nothing for ten minutes. Whatever it is, if it gets fresh air into your lungs, do it. You will be happier that you did.

   5. Enjoy More Coffee

Coffee, unsurprisingly, has a place in many people’s hearts and breakfast tables. It gives you a quick boost to start the day, and if made properly, tastes great. What most people don’t use it for is a joyful boost throughout the day. As long as you make sure not to ingest too much, a little afternoon coffee to keep you going should be completely OK.

Don’t take being happy for granted as an entrepreneur. You face a tremendous challenge, one that is practically guaranteed to put you through the emotional wringer. If there is something you can do to make your day a bit happier, do it. Your heart will thank you for the effort.

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