Canadian Cycling History


In 1995, Phil White and Gerard Vroomen met in a composite materials lab while pursuing advanced engineering degrees at McGill.  In 1996, they founded Cervélo Cycles Inc.  Cervélo was a significant disrupter and innovator while developing breakthrough technology and became one of the leading manufacturers of professional bicycles in the world.


Among many achievements, Cervélo became the first Canadian bicycle company to have its bikes race in international competitions such as the Tour de France. In 2003 Cervélo became the bike supplier to 14th ranked Team CSC, which rose to be recognized as the #1 pro cycling team for three years. The company even had its own professional team “Cervélo Test Team” from 2008 through 2010. The Company was acquired by PON Holdings in the Netherlands in 2012 and Cervélo became part of the Pon Bicycle Group.


Sloan Partners LLP is very proud to have been the Company’s auditors and tax advisors for 15 years and to have participated in and supported the Company’s success.


Phil’s wife, Anna Dopico documented Cervélo’s incredible journey in a book “To Make Riders Faster” published in 2018.  The book has just received Reader Views 1st prize literary award in the business/sales/economics category.

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