Do I Need a GST/HST Number?

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If you’re thinking of starting your own small business, you may have heard that the first thing you need to do is register for a GST or HST number. Registering is the easy part, but what exactly is a GST/HST number and when do you actually need to get one? What is a GST/HST number?...

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10 Reasons to Use Cloud-Based Accounting


Generally when people hear the word ‘accountant’ they immediately think of year ends, taxes, CRA and shoeboxes filled with receipts and bills. But now, accountants fulfil a more valuable role for small businesses with the help of cloud-based accounting technology. So what is a cloud-based ...

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Estate Administration Tax

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There was a recent in Ontario Superior Court in which the Judge ruled that the use of multiple wills to reduce Estate Administration Tax (probate fees) may be invalid. This decision in the Milne Estate case is under appeal but we are advising our clients to address this matter with their ...

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Canadian accounting firms surfing the trade wave


Despite challenges in technology and recruitment, Canadian accounting firm leaders remain optimistic on their ability to react to global uncertainty and make the most of commercial opportunities.  International Accounting Bulletin’s Canada rankings 2017 Canada is the 10th largest economy ...

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Should Life Insurance Policies be Corporate or Personally Owned?

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In the business life insurance market, the question of policy ownership is often raised. A business owner may have many reasons for preferring that his company own the policies.  However, it’s important to consider all the issues before a decision is made. Personal need or business need Before ...

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