Trump’s Tax Policy: What You Need to Know

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Complimentary Wolters Kluwer Special Report Post-Election Tax Policy Update Donald Trump’s election as the 45th President of the United States on November 8 is expected to bring big changes to the tax laws for individuals and businesses. President-elect Trump had made tax reduction a ...

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Casual Labour Valid Expense or Not?

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Robert McGraghan shares the Do’s and Don’ts of Casual Labour, and how to stay in compliance with recent CRA changes.   Generally, casual labour is when you have someone working for a few hours on a sporadic or intermittent basis and is not on the Company’s payroll.   Up ...

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Self-Employed? Find Out If Employment Insurance is Right for You

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Most employees in Canada are required to contribute to Employment Insurance (EI), a national program designed to provide temporary benefits for individuals unable to work. Those eligible for EI can receive regular EI benefits in the event they lose their job or qualify for special benefits, ...

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New Rules Mean Big Changes for Small Business Taxes


On March 22, 2016, the Federal Government tabled a budget that proposes significant changes to the Small Business Deduction (SBD)1 by introducing concepts called Specified Corporate Income (SCI) and “designated members” of partnerships. It is also expected that provincial government legislation ...

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The Scoop on Post Election/Year-End Tax Planning


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently named Bill Morneau, the rookie Toronto MP, as Canada’s new Minister of Finance. Morneau’s first priority will be to make good on Trudeau’s promise to reduce taxes on the middle class by raising them on the wealthy. He has a big job ahead of him since ...

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Welcome to the Sloan Partners eNews


At Sloan Partners, we’ve always prided ourselves as a firm that not only takes care of our clients’ tax and auditing issues, but also provides business owners and families with practical, actionable advice to make their money work smarter year-round. This year, we take this one step further ...

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2014 Federal Budget – Commentary and Highlights


In the presentation of the 2014 Federal Budget to the House of Commons on February 11, the only good thing that was new was Mr. Flaherty’s shoes. The budget is consistent with the tight-fisted approach to the economy being taken by Prime Minister Harper’s Conservative government.

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December 2013 Newletter

Business Matters v.27.6 – December 2013 → Management – Age and the Workplace Technology – Password Security 2.0: Beyond the Password Moneysaver – Dad…Mom…I Need Your Help Taxation – A Lesson in Record Keeping

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Business Matters February 2013

Apps can be very useful but be careful when you buy. Deductions 2012. A rise in interest rates can significantly affect the corporate and personal income of owner-managers. Careless personal habits can cause costly losses of information.

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