Client Spotlight: AGM Automation – Bringing Innovation to Packaging

When you think of manufacturing, you most likely envision assembly lines pumping out identical products one after another.  But today’s technology allows for much more complex, custom design manufacturing solutions.  At the forefront of that technology is AGM Automation, one of Canada’s leading suppliers of custom-designed automation systems.

“Technology has changed the face of manufacturing and made it much more viable,” says Alex Gimelshtein, President of AGM Automation.  “Our customers want automation products that will give them an advantage over what everyone else has.  We’re in the business of solving problems and customizing solutions that help our clients be competitive.  Our advantage is old-school experience multiplied by new age technology.”

AGM Automation Systems Inc. builds its business by having the best people, technologies and equipment, including a Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine shop.   All machine design, fabrication, manufacturing and assembly, as well as controls design and programming, are done in-house. AGM recently acquired several 3D printers to offer customers added services.

AGM Automation was built on a partnership between two men with very distinct, but complementary specialties.  “I had another business called AG automation, specializing in high-end industrial controls,” says Gimelshtein.  “My partner, Alex Alexandrovski, had a successful business manufacturing custom machined parts, and we decided to do it together and venture out into custom automation.”

The company, which was incorporated in 2004, designs and builds a variety of industrial assembly, quality assurance and material handling systems. “Our main business is industrial automation, so we design and build custom machines for many different industries, including automotive assembly, packaging, healthcare, food and beverage, construction and material handling, aerospace, defense and power generation industries. We also offer design, manufacture and assemble of various industrial, military and consumer products.”

“Every day we solve new problems and come up with new technical solutions,” says Gimelshtein.  “A lot of times we have to solve problems that have never been solved before. That is the best part – every day is something new.”

AGM is also working in emerging industries like marijuana packaging.  “Sometimes you can transfer knowledge from one industry to another, but sometimes you have to learn a whole new set of skills before you can help solve a problem for a customer,” says Gimelshtein.

As any entrepreneur knows, running a business can be difficult, even with a successful track record and big-name clients like GMC and Toyota.  “When we started out, we thought we would be drinking Pina Coladas in the Bahamas by now,” jokes Gimelshtein, “but the 2008-2009 economy set us back a bit.”

“For me, one of the biggest challenges of business ownership is the business aspect itself.  I’m an engineer, and to me, engineering is fun.  Business – not so much.  Every day I do what I need to do, but I don’t necessarily like that aspect of it,” admits Gimelshtein.

Sloan Partners has been helping AGM with the accounting aspect of business for more than five years.  “We are happy with the job that Sloan Partners does for us,” says Gimelshtein.  You hire professionals because they know their stuff where we don’t.  They give us expert advice and tell us what we need to do to be successful.”

To learn more about AGM Automation, visit their website at or call 416-628-5682.

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