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Client Spotlight: Fahimeh Sarvestani Wants to Help You to be Smarter with Your Money

Marc Anthony once said, “if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life”. When you speak to Fahimeh Sarvestani about her career with World Financial Group (WFG), you can feel her love and passion for her job as a Mutual Fund Representative and Insurance Agent. But Fahimeh didn’t always work in the world of finance. Prior to joining WFG, Fahimeh was a private school teacher for 14 years. Looking for a career change, she knew she wanted to run her own business and help others. After learning about WFG, she discovered an opportunity to be her own boss as well as help educate families on how to plan and organize their finances and make smarter money decisions.

“You are the best person to take care of your own money”, Fahimeh says. With many of her clientele being new Canadians, she focuses on teaching the value of saving, and learning how taxes and investment income work in Canada. “You need to learn how to make money and how to spend money wisely. But most importantly, you need to learn how to save your money. Our main goal at WFG is to get clients into the smart saving habit.”

WFG has affiliations with most of the banks and insurance companies in Canada. Fahimeh’s job is to recommend investment and insurance options that meet the clients’ needs and goals.  “We have no limitation or description of who a WFG client is”, Fahimeh explains. “They can be rich, poor, educated, uneducated, adult, student. We work with everyone who is interested in learning about how to manage their money better and how to plan for the future.”

“We take the time to study and assess your family’s budget and financial story and share with you the best financial options you have available, whether that is for insurance, investment, help with borrowing money and much more. The important thing is being proactive. Do not let someone else make a decision for you”, urges Fahimeh. She emphasizes that each person’s financial situation is unique, and everyone needs a different approach for their own success. “If you and a colleague are around the same age and in similar stages of your career, your financial situations may still be completely different.”

Fahimeh stresses that financial education is key. “Even with all the financial resources and information available online, there is still a large group of people who are not educated on how to handle their money.” To help solve this problem, Fahimeh offers free educational seminars at the WFG office to help teach individuals about financial planning.

As for where the future of finance is going, Fahimeh sees huge growth with WFG. Within the past 10 years, WFG has grown exponentially, and they are not stopping there. WFG currently has offices all over Canada, the USA and Puerto Rico, their goal is to expand globally.

With two adult children, Fahimeh has passed her money management wisdom and passion to them. “Every time I learn something, I transfer it to my kids”, Fahimeh says. Since joining WFG, Fahimeh has seen growth in herself, and has implemented that change in her own personal life and how she manages her money. “To help others, you must help yourself”, a philosophy Fahimeh stands by. “If I do not change myself, how can I help other families understand the idea of change?”

WFG shares office space with Sloan Group. The two companies also share the same mission of helping families manage their finances. “With Sloan Group, we have an amazing workspace where we can run seminars, twice a week with up to 70 people,” Fahimeh explains, sharing that Sloan Group is very supportive of the goals WFG is accomplishing. “When both companies share the same goal, you show support to each other and that helps everyone be more successful in the long run.”

If you’re interested to get more information on managing your finance and mutual funds, contact Fahimeh Sarvestani at or (647) 725-2214, for a more personalized consultation.

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