Client Spotlight: Jeff Zaiontz Personal Tax Filing Made Easy

One of the biggest decisions taxpayers face each year is how to file their returns.  Millions of tax returns each year are filed using tax software.  But there are several things to consider when deciding whether to hire a tax professional or go it alone.  Depending on your personal situation, the time investment in completing taxes on your own can be a huge barrier.  The intricacy of CRA tax rules on things like capital gains and child and family benefits is often another big consideration.  But one of the main reasons taxpayers seek professional accounting help is the potential to minimize taxes and maximize savings.

Sloan personal tax client, Jeffrey Zaiontz, understands the importance of ensuring that his CRA tax filings are prepared accurately and turns to Sloan Partners for help with his returns.  As a semi-retired engineer with a Do-It-Yourself mentality, Zaiontz completed his own taxes for years until he became a Sloan Partners client two years ago. “I used to prepare my taxes using tax software,” says Zaiontz.  “But the process is very mechanical, and as my financial situation became more complex, there are too many possibilities of making mistakes.”

As a recent widower, Zaiontz sought help from Sloan Partners upon the recommendation of his daughter. “I went to Sloan to get personal income tax help for myself and the estate of my late wife,” he says.   “Sloan Group has a view of the bigger picture in tax preparation and a much better understanding of accounting, especially when it comes to the legal and estate matters.”

Zaiontz not only looks to his Sloan accountant for tax advice on benefits and savings opportunities, he understands the importance of compliance.   “On my own, I could easily miss a deadline or misinterpret a rule.  I’d rather count on reliable people.”

After two years of stress-free tax preparation, Zaiontz is pleased with his decision to entrust his tax planning and preparation to the pros at Sloan Partners.  “I have a very friendly and professional relationship with my accountant,” he says.  “I would definitely refer family and friends to them.”

Jeff Zaiontz is a Personal Client at Sloan Partners. 

For tax and accounting questions, contact Managing Partner Allen Sloan at (416) 665-7735.

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