Improving Financial Literacy in the Community

Through Chartered Professional Accountants Canada/Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants Community Connect Program, I am now able to provide group sessions to enhance Financial Fluency in our community.

Community Connect is volunteer effort that I have joined that will assist individuals in becoming financially literate.

The content is geared towards those that generally do not have access to financial counselling or have a financial advisor.

If you are involved in, or aware of organizations or groups that could benefit from a presentation, let me know and together we can make arrangements.

There is no charge to attendees or the organization.
The organization is expected to provide the venue and publicity.

There are 8 topics covered:

  1. Are you a good financial role model?
  2. How to teach your kids about money
  3. Identity theft protection
  4. Effective tax strategies
  5. Ten healthy habits of financial management
  6. Savings strategies-easy concept, difficult reality
  7. Planning for your retirement
  8. Estate planning

The organization chooses the appropriate topic(s) and only one will be presented at a time.

Each presentation takes about an hour and is supported by a Power Point and hand outs.

Please call me if you need more information or to arrange for a presentation.

Feel free to pass this message on to anyone you feel may be interested in this program.

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