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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Photographer Bruce Pinnock is Turning his Passion into a Thriving Business

Conventional wisdom says that it is important to follow your passion in life. But as most of us can attest, sometimes that is easier said than done.  Entrepreneurs are the rare breed who are lucky enough to not only follow their dreams but also make a living doing it.

Bruce Pinnock is one of the lucky ones.  After immigrating to Canada from Jamaica nearly two decades ago, Bruce worked for years in workforce management. He held roles from Analyst to Manager, leading up to 20 analysts helping his employers successfully run their businesses.

Throughout the years, though, Bruce quietly pursued a hobby in photography, sometimes even making a little money on the side with his work.  Initially self-taught, Bruce pored through books and bought materials and equipment to learn all he could about the art of photography.  As his passion grew, he began taking photography courses through the Photography Institute.

After receiving his diploma, Bruce began to dream of opening his own photography studio. And, in 2013, he finally decided to follow his passion and go professional, giving notice at his job and opening Bruce Pinnock Photography in Brampton.

“I mainly focus on event and lifestyle portrait photography,” says Bruce about his young but growing business.  “I also shoot a lot of real estate and interior design photography, which has more technical aspects to it.”

Bruce’s portfolio shows a clear eye for lifestyle portrait photography.  In fact, it’s his favorite type of job to do.  “Everyone has their own unique expression,” says Bruce.  “The fact that I get to capture that expression through photography is very gratifying to me.”  He also enjoys the challenge of shooting those reluctant subjects and camera shy individuals that swear the camera doesn’t like them.  “The close-up portrait makes a lot of people uncomfortable,” says Bruce.  “I take pleasure in seeing a client’s satisfaction when they see how I was able to position them and capture the perfect shot.”

Bruce also specializes in capturing the moments and essence of weddings and special events. “Shooting events is fun,” muses Bruce.  “Fun, but challenging. With all the ever-changing conditions like weather and lighting, you really have to understand the technical aspects of photography and be able to stay in the moment.  Events keep me on my toes!”

Just like any entrepreneur chasing his dream, Bruce finds it difficult to maintain a balance between working in his business and working on it, pointing to marketing as one of his biggest challenges.  “As a business I am fairly new to the scene, so I don’t have the large volume of clients behind me to grow by word of mouth yet,” he says.  “I do more face-to-face networking promotion rather than traditional advertising, so I have to constantly make time to do the work and grow my business.”

Marketing duties aside, Bruce is happy he made the choice to follow his dreams.  “Not only do I get to do what I love, but I get to manage my own time,” he says.  “I get a lot of satisfaction seeing my clients happy.”

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