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Trusted Accounting Firm Providing Consultation and Strategic Advice on Domestic and Global Business Matters

As a business owner, there are innumerable issues that can arise unexpectedly. Effective management does not mean you need to be an expert on all things at all times. The best way to ensure your business remains on top of its obligations while maximizing the benefits available to you is to retain the services of a knowledgeable and experienced business consulting team.

At Sloan Partners LLP, our business consulting services include operational improvement, human resource planning and hiring, information technology analysis and implementation, strategic planning and business valuations. As a result of their involvement and relationships with numerous organizations, our consultants are able to bring their objective experience to each engagement to maximize the outcome for our clients.

Some members of our team are experienced Certified Management Consultants regulated by the Canadian Association of Management Consultants. We take our consulting seriously and have a high standard of practice which means that our clients receive the best advice possible.

Assisting Clients with Global Expansion Consultations

Sloan Partners LLP now has a global feather in its cap, thanks to membership in a prestigious international network, Morison KSi. Morison KSi is an association of independent professional service firms located around the world that provide clients with a range of accounting, consulting, legal, and tax services.

The network brings the technical skills and expertise of its many members around the globe within easy reach of one another, to the benefit of our valued clients. Any of our clients who engage in business (or are contemplating doing business) outside of Canada is able to access country-specific accounting and tax expertise, business contacts, and connections, simply by tapping into our connections to KSi firms around the world.

The Only Canadian Accounting Firm Accepted to the Morison KSi Network

Not just any firm can join Morison KSi. Sloan Partners LLP was required to submit to a rigorous vetting process before being accepted into the network. Qualifications included the size of the office, the number of staff, expertise available, and the breadth and depth of services.

How Does Morison KSi Help Business Owners in Canada?

Our affiliation with Morison KSi provides clients with instant access to a global network of accounting, legal and business professionals. For example, if one of our clients who operates a business in Toronto elects to expand their business into Brazil, they will need a great deal of information very quickly. Specifically, they will need to understand local tax laws as well as registration and regulatory laws.

Rather than hunting for a local accountant on their own, we can find them a KSi partner and get recommendations from trusted specialists in Brazil who can answer all of their questions. Similarly, global businesses looking to expand into Canada can be referred to Sloan Partners LLP to obtain our guidance and access to our local network. It’s an efficient way to link professionals in other countries with each other while giving all parties.

Expanding a business into a foreign jurisdiction requires more than just an understanding of the local laws and business regulations. There will also be cultural differences to navigate which can be jarring and take a business owner by surprise. The KSi network also assists business owners by providing guidance on these ‘soft skills’ that can be a huge advantage when ingratiating your business in a new environment.

For Reliable & Proactive Business Consultation Services, Contact Sloan Partners LLP in Toronto

At Sloan Partners LLP, we offer a team of skilled and exceptionally experienced Chartered Professional Accountants with considerable entrepreneurial experience. We understand what matters to a business professional, and we provide proactive advice on a wide range of matters to ensure they are getting the maximum performance out of their enterprise. No matter your company’s specific needs, we can help. Let us keep an eye on the details so you can focus on the big picture.

We are conveniently located in North York, close to three major highways. To schedule a consultation with one of our exceptionally knowledgeable accounting professionals, please reach out to us online or call us at 416-665-7735.