Five Ways to De-Stress After Tax Day

Janice Nieva

Tax season can be a stressful time for anyone.  Gathering all the necessary documentation, meetings with your accountant and filing deadlines can all take their toll.   Whether mental or physical, stress can wreak havoc on our lives and bodies. Following are five ways to get back to a healthier you after a tough tax season.

Try Yoga – Yoga is a mind-body practice that allows you time to breathe, stretch and meditate all at the same time.  Yoga may help reduce stress, lower blood pressure and lower your heart rate.  And the great thing about Yoga is almost anyone can do it.

Weight Train – Physical activity reduces stress by releasing endorphins (chemicals produced in the brain during times of pain and stress), and weight training can help release negative energy you may be carrying around, decrease tension and improve your mood.  Just be sure to include rest periods between sets of weight training.

Morning Cardio –  Starting your day with a cardio routine of 20 minutes or more can go a long way in reducing stress.  Cardio workouts not only boost metabolism but help you burn calories throughout the day.

Kick it Up – High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a fantastic way to lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes.  It also has the potential to increase your mental acuity, improve your mental state and relieve stress.  High-intensity interval training includes activities such as boxing, kickboxing, boot camps and cross-training classes.

Back to Basics – Drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day benefits the body in many ways, including rehydrating after exercise.  The combination of proper diet and nutrition, exercise and sufficient rest can help you keep a positive mindset so that you can handle anything that comes your way!

Janice Nieva is the Corporate Director of Dufferin North Athletics (DNA) and Xtreme Couture Toronto.  She has more than 10 years in the fitness industry and is also a certified personal trainer.

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