Client Spotlight: The Accountant’s Coach

One of Sloan Partners’ valued clients is also their valued advisor and management training partner. LMI Canada is a coaching and leadership organization, focused on improving communications, productivity and goal setting.

In a win-win situation, LMI Canada came to realize that their financial and tax strategy was much smarter, as a result of their professional relationship with Sloan Partners.

Meanwhile, LMI were able to help Sloan Partners with improving leadership skills, and developing the strategies needed to succeed better as a company.

LMI is the “number one people development organization in the world,” according to Frank Kreze, the president, and master licensee of LMI Canada.

They have served multi-million-dollar conglomerates as Atlantic, Bausch and Lomb, McMichael Canadian Art Collection, British American Tobacco, and scores of others.

Prior to LMI, Frank was an aerospace graduate of mechanical engineering, employed in the field for nearly twenty years in senior management roles.

After a downsizing, he harnessed his entrepreneurial spirit and “tripped over LMI,” noticing its tremendous benefits to managers and corporate leaders. It helped he had existing “fundamental leadership skills” and worked with senior executives. By 2005, he bought out the entire Canadian operations.

Lamenting that less than ten per cent of companies evaluate behaviour change and business results, Frank says that the biggest challenge he sees with clients “is that they have blinders on.” As he explains, “they have budgets and numbers, but they don’t understand why people and systems don’t work.” Usually, this boils down to flaws in structure, skill and attitude.

LMI’s unique four-step process includes identify performance issues, develop a plan of action, gradual change, and documenting progress. All this is done through course work, multi-sensory tasks, feedback and review, mentorship, and other strategies.

Much time is dedicated on the LMI end to gather information on finding out where improvements can be made in a variety of spheres, as emotionally, logically, personally, or professionally.

“We set ambitious short term and long term goals as part of the process, and we have a success formula with the science of behaviour worked into it. Because of our longer learning cycle, we have a greater chance of retention,” Frank says.

As a result, “we have a greater chance of return on investment, and a greater chance that the client will see lasting benefits, and permanent changes.”

Graduates of the LMI program from Sloan are impressed with the program’s results.

“My biggest take away from my LMI training is that there is a lot to learn about communicating with each other, by better understanding how each of us process information,” notes Allen Sloan, adding that, “LMI really taught the team the importance of time management and setting priorities.”

Randy Urman, another Sloan graduate, notes that LMI taught him the importance of goal setting, leadership and time management.

“It has been five years since I took the course, and I still find myself referring back to the course materials to implement the strategies that were taught. Frank’s dynamic teaching methods challenged me to improve myself, and definitely played a large part with the leadership skills I have today.”

Colleague Olesia Avdiouchtchenko says that the LMI course taught her “a variety of effective management skills through an interactive and hands-on participation in seminars and mini projects/homework.”

Stand out lessons she uses in her work-life are time management skills, monitoring progress, and taking the right steps to succeed. She also says that she now understands more how to communicate with a variety of personalities, “in order to attain results, and succeed in completion of projects.”

She has high praise for Frank, whom she says is a “great facilitator” who “finds creative solutions to handle pessimism and resistance to change within the team.”

From his end, Frank commends the team at Sloan for being “courageous” in taking themselves out of their comfort zone.

Meanwhile, Frank says he has gained benefit from Sloan’s expertise, too.

“They’ve helped me with my books. We developed a relationship. They know me and I know them,” he says.

“They have been more involved with my business. They have some prevention preparation features that are definitely more there than before. It’s been a great relationship, and made better by them knowing what I do, and how I do it.”

Frank Kreze is the President of LMI Canada which is the Mississauga, Ontario operations head office for the parent company, Leadership Management International. To contact Frank Kreze please call 905-890-0504 ext. 222 or email

Visit LMI Canada for more information.

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