Inside the Firm: Meet Our 2020 Co-op Students


Sloan Partners is proud of its dynamic co-op program that brings multiple students to our team throughout the year. Our co-op students come from different backgrounds and fill a variety of roles within the firm. All our current co-op students are Accounting and Financial Management majors at the University of Waterloo and are on track to graduate in 2023. Here’s a look at the current co-op students bringing their talents to Sloan Partners.


Ryan Mahony

Ryan first became interested in the accounting and finance profession while still in high school. A conversation with a cousin who is a successful CPA piqued his interest even more. “As a kid, I had difficulty reading, but numbers always came easy for me. This career was sort of a natural progression for me.” Ryan says the diverse opportunities to learn at Sloan made it a perfect fit for his first co-op experience. “It’s an excellent learning experience, and it’s exciting because we are getting exposure to other forms of taxation aside from the typical individual T1 taxes,” he says. Ryan’s long-term plan is to pursue a CFA or CPA designation after graduation. In his free time, he enjoys playing football, basketball, and hockey, and he also tries to make time to hit the gym as often as he can to balance out his work and school life. He is a loyal fan of the Detroit Red Wings, Denver Broncos and Boston Celtics.


Michael Cahyadi

Michael sees his co-op at Sloan as an incredible opportunity to get exposure to a variety of different types of accounting. “It’s my first time working in an office environment, but it has been an easy transition. We’re receiving a great learning experience; we work on practice problems as a group every day, and everyone is willing to offer support,” he says. For Michael, his biggest influence is his father, who enjoys a successful career in accounting. On his advice, Michael took accounting in his later high school years and enjoyed it. For him, accounting was a logical choice as a career path.  “Although I’m not sure what is yet to come career-wise, I believe a CPA certification is in my future.” A movie and TV buff, Michael cites the Joker, Avengers: Endgame and Inception among his favorite films. Although he says he can wait for most movies to stream online, a much-hyped movie is sure to get him to the theatre.


 Jalp Shah

Jalp chose a co-op at Sloan Partners for the opportunity to gain exposure in as many areas of his chosen field as possible, including tax prep and financial planning. And, he is pleasantly surprised how much he is learning already. “We’re not just doing data entry like a lot of other co-ops,” he says. “There is a lot of interaction, and everyone is very accommodating and willing to answer questions along the way.  Long term, Jalp plans to pursue his CFA certification and would like to work one-on-one with clients to help secure their financial health. “Money is important to everyone, and I think it would be very rewarding to work with individuals and families in financial planning and tax preparation to help them improve their financial position.” In his spare time, Jalp enjoys cooking and has a particular interest in Mexican cuisine. A basketball fan, he also is an avid follower of the Toronto Raptors.


Amy Zheng

Amy’s decision to focus on accounting as a career began from a practical standpoint. She appreciates how thorough the training is at Sloan and the amount of interaction the co-ops have with everyone around the firm. “I thought we might be easily overwhelmed, but there is an open environment for questions and discussion on a daily basis,” she says. Amy is also grateful for the opportunity to be exposed to the consulting, marketing and Human Resources arms of the firm. She recently changed her major to psychology and believes those types of experiences can be enlightening as she charts the course for her future career. Amy keeps active and enjoys running and ice skating. She’s also a huge roller coaster enthusiast.


David Saunders

David knew heading into the co-op season that he wanted to focus on taxes, but he was also looking for ideas of what’s possible long-term. “I wanted the opportunity to experience other things beyond just taxes, and Sloan checked off a lot of those boxes,” says David.  “I really like to problem solve, and a lot of Sloan’s service lines can show me what’s possible in my career.” David’s interest in accounting stems from a couple of accounting courses he took his last two years in high school. “I genuinely enjoyed those classes and that experience made me want to focus on finance and accounting at university.” Away from school and office, David enjoys playing tennis and rooting on his favorite sports teams, including the Toronto Raptors and San Francisco 49ers, which quickly became his favorite footballers after playing as the team years ago in an exciting game of Madden Football.


Jocelyn Chen

Jocelyn did a lot of research before interviewing for a co-op opportunity at Sloan Partners. She had worked in an office environment before — she previously had the opportunity to work as a business finance assistant for the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care – and knew exactly the co-op experience she wanted. “The firm offers a variety of services in personal and corporate tax, which I knew would offer a well-rounded experience,” she says. “I have not been disappointed!” Although Jocelyn knows her future is in accounting and finance, she’s not sure where that will take her on her career path. “I’d like to get my CPA designation post-graduation. It’s a stable career that will allow me to have a comfortable lifestyle. Still, I plan to explore as many aspects of the profession until I know for sure what direction I want to go in the future.” An art enthusiast, Jocelyn is interested in painting, sketching, and calligraphy. She also enjoys hiking, spending time with family, and is quite the board game buff. Just don’t take her on at Monopoly Deal!


Are you an accounting student? Interested in co-op opportunities at Sloan Partners, contact Shawn Bausch

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