Interns Bring Talent and Drive to Sloan Partners

The spirit of Sloan Partners resides in its people, and we are always looking for ways to cultivate emerging talent. We have a dynamic internship program that brings multiple interns to join our team throughout the year. Our interns come from different backgrounds and fill a variety of roles within the firm. Here’s a look at the current interns bringing their talents to Sloan Partners.

Methusan Thiruchelvanathan

Methusan is an Accounting and Financial Management major at the University of Waterloo, graduating in 2021.  He has always enjoyed math and was drawn to accounting and finance to utilize those skills in his career, as well as having a stable career path.  Methusan is enjoying the experience he is gaining through his internship at Sloan, especially working with different managers and partners.  “Everyone is willing to help, teach and offer support,” he says. “It is a nice open environment that encourages collaboration and discussion, rather than the typical cubicle setting of other accounting firms.” Methusan is thrilled that his internship has also included exposure to other forms of taxation aside from the typical individual T1 taxes. Trust returns, Corporate taxes and U.S. tax returns are just a few of the other areas which he has gained experience at Sloan. And although he admits it is demanding, he has embraced the hard work and long hours that go into the tax season. In his free time, Methusan likes to play basketball and is also an avid fan of the Toronto Raptors and is hoping his beloved team makes it to the NBA playoff finals this year for the first time in the Raptors franchise’s history.

Winnie Li

Winnie studies Accounting and Financial Management at University of Waterloo and will graduate in 2021. She sees her internship at Sloan as an incredible opportunity to be exposed to a variety of different types of accounting. For Winnie, whose biggest influence is her parents, accounting was a logical choice as a career path.  Her mother was an accountant in China before immigrating to Canada, and they encouraged her to follow the accounting path. One of Winnie’s favorite part of her job is helping clients. “It is gratifying when a client appreciates what you do,” says Winnie. You don’t necessarily get that in other professions.” When not at work or school, Winnie enjoys archery and painting. She is also a self-professed music fanatic and enjoys shopping for vinyl records.

Rayam “Ray” Lapsut

Ray, who is currently serving his second internship at Sloan, studies Accounting and Financial Management at the University of Waterloo. He will graduate in 2020. Ray’s accounting focus at Sloan includes a lot of T1 taxes and financials for corporations. His decision to focus on accounting as a career began from a practical standpoint, noting that it takes only five years to complete studies, but he admits that his appreciation for the field has grown. “I enjoy getting to know the clients and their businesses through their financials,” he says.  “It’s interesting to understand their journey.” Ray’s long-term plans include earning his master’s degree and working in the public accounting arena to learn as much as he can in his chosen profession. Ray, who plays in semi-competitive volleyball and coaches beginners, enjoys going to the gym to balance out his work life.

Danny Le

Danny is an Accounting and Financial Management major at the University of Waterloo, Class of 2020. Although growing up Danny’s parents wanted him to become a doctor, he knew by the time he was in high school that he wanted to do something with his math skills. “By the time I got to university I knew I had made the right choice of profession,” he says.  Danny, who admits he has very high expectations of himself, plans to complete his master’s degree, and CPA and CFA certifications, and aspires to be a high ranking executive in private industry. In his spare time, he enjoys gaming, watching hockey and researching and dabbling in the stock market.

Rayam, Danny, Winnie and Methusan are interns at Sloan Group. You can contact Sloan Group at or call (416) 665-7735.

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