Need Help with a Business Dispute? Introducing Springbok ADR Services

Don’t let a dispute go all the way to the courtroom.

A qualified ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) professional  can help find a solution (and save significant legal fees) for everything from debtor/creditor issues to shareholder/partner disputes and estate issues.

Whether it’s debtor/creditor issues, shareholder/partner disputes, or even family estate issues, no one wants to have to take a colleague or family member to court.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) can help parties settle  their disputes in a fast and cost effective manner.   The Sloan Group of Companies is pleased  to  offer ADR services to the business community with the launch of Springbok ADR Services Inc. Spearheaded by Irving Feldman, a qualified mediator (Q. Med), Springbok specializes in a full range of financial mediation and arbitration services, including shareholder disputes, debtor/creditor negotiations, as well as family estate and succession planning conflicts.

“We’re in the Business of Repairing Relationships”

“A mediated solution often helps rescue and rebuild trust in an important business or personal relationship, where you can’t afford the interpersonal damage that litigation will create between the two of you,” says Irving Feldman, President of Springbok ADR Services.  “Business disputes impact people’s stress levels, families and finances, so I take my responsibilities as a mediator or arbitrator very seriously. My goal is to help create fair, practical and cost-effective resolutions. Business owners engage me as their mediator or arbitrator because I’ve had more than 40 years of experience as a business advisor. It’s all about being compassionate, non-judgemental and professional with all parties involved in the dispute.  I take the time to carefully analyze and explain options to bring all parties to a mutually beneficial agreement, making sure clients have all the information they need so they can make informed decisions about how to proceed.”

Can arbitration or mediation help you? Learn more about Springbok ADR.

Irving Feldman, (Q. Med), CPA, CA, BA, has been providing professional  services to the business community for over 40 years.  Contact Irving  to access the services offered by Springbok ADR Services Inc.-Bringing People Together.


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