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Trusted Professionals

Resources for Small and Midsize Businesses (SMBs)

Financial and business planning, taxation, and accounting information for smaller businesses.

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

Access the CRA’s website for personal and corporate tax information, forms and more at

CRA Prescribed Interest Rates

Prescribed interest rates for amounts owed to the Canada Revenue Agency and to any amounts the CRA owes to individuals and corporations at

CRA Publication Library

Much more than forms, the CRA Publication Library provides information on all topics and instructions for filling forms. Access the full CRA Tax Form Library for Income Tax, Excise, GST/HST and more at

My Account For Individuals

Sign up for CRA’s My Account for Individuals and you can track your refund, view or change your return, check your benefit and credit payments and your RRSP limit, set up direct deposit, and so much more at

My Business Account

Sign up for CRA’s My Business Account and you can access your GST/HST, payroll, corporation income taxes, excise taxes, excise duties and other levies accounts online at

My Payment

My Payment is an electronic payment service offered by the CRA that uses Interac® Online to allow individuals and businesses to make payments directly to the CRA from their online banking account.

You can use My Payment if you have an online banking account at the following financial institutions that currently participate in Interac Online:

  • BMO Bank of Montreal (personal accounts only)
  • Scotiabank
  • RBC Royal Bank
  • TD Canada Trust

Use this service to make payments to one or more CRA accounts, from your personal or business account, in one simple transaction at

GST/HST Netfile

GST/HST NETFILE is an online filing service that allows eligible registrants to file their GST/HST returns and eligible rebates directly to the CRA.


  • It’s fast, easy, and secure;
  • You get immediate confirmation that CRA received your information;
  • It’s available seven days a week, 24 hours a day; and
  • You get faster refunds!

Find out more at

Life, Health, Disability, Group Insurance and Investments for Individuals and Business Owners

Infomoney Solutions Inc.

Succession and Transition Planning

ESOP Builders Inc.

The comprehensive, single resource for middle market business owners to successfully implement employee share ownership plans (ESOP) and exit strategies. Find out more online at

Retirement and Financial Planning

Infomoney Solutions Inc.

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