Off the Books with Rick Gold

As Chief Operating Officer, Richard (Rick) Gold manages some of the Sloan Group’s vital functions, including administration, human resources, information technologies and the firm’s financial accounting. Rick also manages all aspects of their tenancy for Sloan Group’s portfolio of tenants in their facility.

In May 2015, Rick helped launch the Sloan Property Management website,, which he spearheaded. In June 2015, he will celebrate his eighth anniversary since joining Sloan Group. To honour these timely milestones, we sat down with Rick to find out more about the man that keeps the Sloan Group humming.

Tell us about your unique role as COO of Sloan Partners.

Unlike most COOs and other senior executives, I provide a hands-on, service-oriented experience for the business professionals who work in our facilities. My expertise is broad-based, ranging from human resources and IT to all aspects of administration, including staffing and facilities management. My job keeps me busy, so I’m seldom stationary. Most of all, my tenants and colleagues know “my word is gold.” (Pun intended.)

What’s it like to be the only non-accountant on Sloan Partners’ management team?

It’s true, I am the black sheep of the family. Although I am not a professional accountant, I graduated from Ryerson University’s business administration program with a major in accounting and finance. Throughout my career, I’ve held vice president and finance positions to augment my operational experience. Together, we’re a good match because we offer complementary strengths.

Why did Sloan Partners decide to create a property management division?

Although Sloan Property Management is a new brand, Sloan Partners has had tenants in their facility since day one. Our executive team wanted to grow the firm and the tenant base by creating this new division. The development of our new property management website,, has been my dream for several years. The website offers a structured and streamlined process for us to communicate with current and prospective tenants, which will help me increase my own capacity and productivity.

What attracted you to Sloan and what keeps you here?

I discerned from the interview process and realized very quickly once part of the team that my skill set would make a difference to a growing firm that was administratively challenged. I’ve always appreciated how Sloan Partners is in close proximity to my home, offers me a healthy work/life balance and it provides daily opportunities to flex my administrative muscle. Best of all, the partners listen and trust me. Whenever I’ve made a proposal and justified the cost, they gave my ideas serious consideration. I’m grateful for the partners’ trust and the autonomy they give me. They know I’m responsible and they let me do my job.

How would you describe your management style?

I’m an open book. I use an inviting, lead-by-example approach to management. I have a convincing, rational approach to communications and I make calculated,quick decisions that give consideration to the firms best interest. I truly know my audience(accountants) and how to sell them on my decisions. As a result, my decisive and open approach allows me to navigate within the firm’s limits while working unsupervised.

Is there anything else you would like to share?
I love coming to work. When I’m at the office I think, ‘This is play, not work.’ This role is fun for me.

Richard Gold is the Chief Operating Officer at Sloan Partners. You can reach him at

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