Take Control of Your Money: Three Personal Finance Tips: 

In the world of personal finance, there are a few things that everyone should be doing to ensure fiscal health and longevity.  If more people would take a few simple steps like evaluating their spending habits, reducing their personal debt-load, and saving up a few months of living expenses, they would be taking some fundamental steps that could lead them to a more favorable economic track.

  • Establish a monthly budget. Without a firm grasp on where your money is going, successfully managing it is dubious.  Create a spreadsheet that lists all of your income, as well as your expenses.  Be sure to include every expense from mortgage to movie rentals.  After you have everything listed, take a hard, honest look at your expenses and trim everything you don’t need.  Sticking to a budget takes discipline, but it is well worth the effort in the end.
  • Work on getting out of debt. Debt can be the overwhelming obstacle that stops many people from reaching their financial goals.  The sooner you can get out of it, the better your financial landscape will look.  There are many methods for getting yourself out of debt and many free or affordable debt management companies that specialize in tailoring programs to fit the needs of individuals.  In addition, these companies can provide motivation and encouragement to keep you headed in the right financial direction.
  • Prepare in advance for an urgent situation. Like it or not, emergencies happen.  Imagine getting laid off, or breaking your leg so you can’t work for six weeks.  If you are barely living paycheck to paycheck then these situations can be more devastating than they have to be.  Ideally, you should have six months worth of living expenses saved up.  If this seems impossible, then the best advice is to simply start saving at least 10% of every check.  You will have a nest egg before you know it.

Achieving financial independence begins with a few basic practices.  Using these helpful tips can help you keep track of your income/expense ratio, keep you mindful of debt, and help you prepare for the unexpected.

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