SecureMail Step-by-Step Instructions


Sloan Partners LLP cares about protecting your privacy and therefore has taken measures to ensure confidentiality of your personal information that is distributed across the web using email encryption.

The SecureMail by Microsoft process means that no information can be read except when downloaded to your desktop in a decrypted format.

Below you will find step-by-step instructions on how to access, download attachments and reply to SecureMail in a secure or non secure manner (via your regular email).


SecureMail Instructions for Sloan Partners’ Clients


1.      This Message Will Appear In Your Inbox With “SecureMail” in The Subject Line



2.      To Access The Information: Open The Message In Your Email Inbox


3.      Click on the HTML Attachment included in your SecureMail.


4.      Your internet browser window will open.
Click “Sign In With Your Microsoft Account” or if you do not have one, click “Use One-Time Passcode”.


5.      If you select “Use one time passcode”, you will then see this screen asking for a Passcode. Leave this window open.
Now go back to your email, and check for the passcode we sent you. It usually takes a couple minutes to arrive.


6.      In your email inbox, open the “ Microsoft Office 365 Message Encryption” message

· Select and Copy the 8 digit passcode on the screen

7.       Return to the encrypted message screen in your open browser.
Paste the passcode (which you got from the Microsoft Encryption” message into the Passcode field and click “continue”.

8.      Your encrypted email will open up. Download and save your attachments to your computer hard drive.

Replying With Results Encrypted 

If you are sending confidential information /attachments back to us that you wish secured , please reply in this window by clicking “reply email” in the SecureMail viewer window.

Replying With Results Not Encrypted 

You can still use regular email to correspond with Sloan Partners. If you reply to the email as you would normally reply to an email, the email to Sloan Partners will be not encrypted. If there are documents or matters that you wish encrypted, please use the method above in the SecureMail viewer window,

We also have an instructional video below walking you through the steps.

Do you have more questions about SecureMail or need technical support?

Feel free to contact our Support Team or call our support representative, Alaia during business hours: Alaia Patterson Tel: (416) 665-7735 x267.

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