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Our Alternative Dispute Resolution Service

Achieve Win-Win Solutions Through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).
We specialize in the full range of financial mediation and arbitration services for the business community, including shareholder disputes, debtor/creditor negotiations, as well as family estate and succession planning conflicts.

We offer the following services:

  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Early Neutral Evaluation

What is ADR?
Alternative Dispute Resolution or ADR lets parties settle their disputes in an informal, less expensive, and faster way than having to go to court.

Mediation is a process
Parties in dispute choose a Mediator, an impartial person, who helps them reach their mutually-accepted settlement. It is an alternative to litigation and if both parties want to reach a settlement through mediation, the skill of the mediator can help them reach a solution in a short time.

Arbitration is a process
Parties in dispute refer their disagreement to a mutually acceptable, knowledgeable, independent third party – an Arbitrator – agreeing in advance to be bound by the Arbitrator’s decision. Although some disputes, by their very nature, can only be settled by litigation, the majority can be settled by arbitration, with significant benefits to all parties involved.


Irving Feldman


Qualified Mediator (Q.MED), CPA, CA, BA

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