Sloan Partners’ Shawn Bausch to Participate at UK International Trade Roundtable

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On Wednesday, November 4th, Shawn Bausch, Sr. Tax Manager at Sloan Partners LLP, will participate as an expert panelist in a roundtable hosted by the UK Department of International Trade.  The Canadian in-country panelists will inform UK trade advisors on the detailed advantages of doing ...

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Real Estate Dealings Get Real with the CRA


Are you selling your investment condo or even a principal residence? If you are involved in any real estate dealings or claiming the HST New Housing rebate, you should be prepared to answer some questions from the CRA. The CRA is sending target taxpayers a real estate questionnaire to ensure ...

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Client Spotlight: KMA Architects

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When Roman Mychajlowycz met his business partner Carol Kleinfeldt as classmates at the University of Toronto more than 48 years ago, there was no way to predict how together they would influence the region’s architectural landscape with projects both big and small.  After graduating from ...

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Blog & News: Auditing of Cryptocurrency


Virtual Assets, Currency of the Future! By Eric Wong   Cryptocurrency is the latest craze in the investment world and everyone is looking for ways to invest.  However, as financial products sold to the public on a local stock exchange or by financial institutions, accounting firms will be ...

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Returning to Your Workplace: Making it safe and less expensive


It has now been as many as 28 weeks for some businesses since workers in Ontario have visited the workplace.  Perhaps a fortunate few have returned safely already.  Whatever the circumstances, organizations are now in the unique position of having to evaluate how their workplaces can function ...

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Event: Non-Residents Investing in Canadian Real Estate

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Non-Residents Investing In Canadian Real Estate  Please join us for an exclusive presentation, featuring James Pastouna, International Private Banker and Shawn Bausch, CPA (CA), Sr. Tax Manager, Sloan Partners LLP. James and Shawn invite you to an intimate and interactive session where they ...

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To Sell or Not To Sell? COVID Tax Advice for Business Owners

tax strategy

To sell or not to sell…that is the question…on the minds of individuals and business owners holding assets that have fallen in value. Fortunately, appropriate tax planning for losses can minimize tax payable and increase cash flow during a period of economic downturn. There is a dizzying array ...

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The CRA is Now Auditing US Real Estate Transactions of Canadians – Going Back Six Years

Real Estate Market

August 6, 2020   The Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA’s) audit programs continue to be updated. On June 25, 2020, the CRA announced one of its newest programs: they will now audit the US real estate transactions of Canadians, looking back as many as six years. Property records in the US will ...

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Sloan Partners Mentors Film and TV Producers with the Toronto International Film Festival

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July 3, 2020 On July 2nd, Shawn Bausch, Sr. Tax Manager at Sloan Partners LLP, completed a mentorship session for new producers of film and TV.  Ten new producers attended this private session, getting personalized advice about running the finances of a production, raising money, and optimizing ...

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Freezes and Re-Freezes – Beware of Inappropriate COVID-19 Tax Planning

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The COVID-19 economic downturn presents tax planning opportunities to business in light of depressed asset values and business losses. In particular, Estate Freezes and “Re-Freezes”, and using losses on portfolio investments are common strategies available to generate immediate cash flow and ...

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Capital Gains Stripping Redux – COVID implications

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Get ready to pay for it The latest parliamentary budget report [i] estimates a $252.1 Billion deficit in 2020-2021 while direct COVID support so far exceeds $150 Billion. We have touched upon this in past articles, and now it’s fairly acknowledged that taxes will likely be increasing to pay for ...

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Three Personal Tax Tips in a Covid-19 World

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Home Office Expenses While the health effects of the pandemic continue to unfold, so too do the tax implications of the actions required to combat it.  We are early in the tax year, but most employees in Canada have been required to work at home for at least some portion of their work.  Under ...

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