Sloan Partners Celebrates 30 Years of Accounting Excellence

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of Sloan Partners LLP. Back in 1985, Chartered Professional Accountants Allen Sloan and Stan Swartz came together to form a full-service accounting firm focused on trusted financial and business advice. When the firm launched, Back to the Future ruled the box office, the very first music CDs and dot-com domain names were issued, and the first mobile phone call was made. Jerry Paskowitz got on board in 1989 when the Energizer Bunny was introduced to the world and Batman was the #1 movie.

How times have changed. What started as a three-person accounting firm with 15 corporate clients has grown to 30 employees and more than 2.000 corporate and personal clients – impressive growth that warrants celebration.

Just how have Sloan Partners LLP successfully helped clients weather the recessions and economic slowdowns for more than a quarter century? Simply, a commitment to accounting excellence.

Beyond bean counters
Over the past three decades, a few constants have remained. The Partners have always been committed to offering much more than budgets and accurate record-keeping. They work hard to exceed clients’ expectations as trusted advisors and business partners.

Since its inception, Sloan Partners LLP has focused on helping clients succeed and prosper. The firm genuinely cares about clients’ financial well-being and helps clients cut unnecessary costs, invest in growth and achieve superior results.

The firm continues to attract bright, experienced accountants whose knowledge and fresh sets of eyes help clients improve their operations. The Partners are extremely strong planners with insightful long-term vision. For 30 years they have held a Partners’ meeting every Tuesday morning. And, while very few businesses even create a three- or five-year plans, Sloan Partners’ executive team develops a continuous 10-year plan to guide their operations.

Reconciling more than financial statements
Like all relationships, the partnership had some tense moments over the years. At one point, the three original partners had differences of opinion over the strategic direction of the business and even considered dissolving the partnership. They chose instead to hire a business coach, Harvey Silver, as a neutral outside expert to help guide them through their differences.

Silver advised them that, individually, all three men were highly competent accountants. However, the sum total of their combined abilities and complementary skills yielded a much more powerful leadership team for their firm. As rational thinkers, the men based their decision on these facts and remained united for mutual benefit. Jerry Paskowitz recalls the experience. “I learned more in those two days with Harvey Silver than I ever did in weeks and months of meetings where we were stalled on issues that divided us. He had us do various exercises, such as a puzzle where we had to categorize and put in order over 50 discrete procedures required to build a bridge. What we discovered is none of us were able to solve the puzzle individually as well as we did when working together.”

Leaders share on Sloan Partners’ impact
The Sloan Partners leadership team has seen a lot since the firm began. Here’s what they have to say as they reflect on their milestone anniversary.

Allen Sloan, Managing Partner and Founder, states, “So much has changed over the past 30 years. But one constant is our commitment to providing superior value to our clients. We deliberately run cost-efficient operations so we can pass the savings on to our clients. That way, everyone wins.”

The recently retired Founding Partner, Stan Swartz, enjoyed “helping clients get to know their numbers – and their needs – better. We worked closely with clients to understand their financial health status, their goals and how to reach them.”

Partner Jerry Paskowitz says, “We’ve always put the client first. We focus on understanding what they want and expect so we can deliver better than other accounting firms.”

Alon Roitberg joined as a Partner in September 2014. On the factors that attracted him to Sloan Partners, he says, “I appreciate the diversity of the work I do here, including assurance engagements, personal and corporate tax returns, tax planning and strategy. I also enjoy helping small business grow and building long-lasting relationships.”

On behalf of Sloan Partners, we thank all of our employees and clients for helping us reach this major milestone. We’re so proud to celebrate our 30th anniversary, and we look forward to continuing to work with you.

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