Sloan Partners Mentors Film and TV Producers with the Toronto International Film Festival

July 3, 2020

On July 2nd, Shawn Bausch, Sr. Tax Manager at Sloan Partners LLP, completed a mentorship session for new producers of film and TV.  Ten new producers attended this private session, getting personalized advice about running the finances of a production, raising money, and optimizing productions for tax.

Attendees learned about general accounting for their productions, how to access film grants and credits, structuring productions and/or personal businesses to optimize tax outcomes, and about the concerns for non-residents working in Canada as well as Canadians working abroad. Participants were provided with Sloan’s Film and TV Grants summary, as well as follow up advice on how to tailor their processes for better financial results.

The tax and accounting considerations for film and tv producers are extensive, and not necessarily an activity that producers have time in which to be fluent.  Film and TV production is time-consuming as is.

Sloan Partners has served clients in the entertainment industry for over 10 years, including household names as well as less well-known clients. In addition to tax matters, Sloan Partners has over a decade of experience conducting audits of entertainment productions.  Shawn himself is a California CPA with over 10 years of experience working in Los Angeles with clients in the entertainment industry.

The July 2 mentorship session was hosted by the Toronto International Film Festival’s Industry Talent Development group. Watch out for future sessions to be posted on our website or at TIFF, or reach out to us for news about upcoming events.

For a free consultation with Shawn or to receive any material from this session, please contact Shawn directly via Email or phone (416-665-7735 x335).

Shawn Bausch
Sr. Tax Manager
416-665-7735 x335

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