The Sloan 360°

It’s not the space that’s important, but what happens inside it. Our professionally-­managed office space in Toronto encourages cooperation and collaboration among tenants. The office space is conveniently located in a plaza with a gym and medical clinics. It is a large open-­concept space, all on one floor and handicap accessible. We have free parking and there is a bus stop right in front of the building.

When you lease office space from Sloan Group, you have the opportunity to choose from an à la carte menu of services, including:

  • Support services from our team of administrative staff
  • Services and support from our team of professional staff and tenants
  • Secure access to allocated portion of our network servers, accessible with remote access
  • Daily data back-­ups
  • In-­house professional development videos and webinars including monthly tax update videos
  • Access to software housed and maintained on Sloan Group servers including:
    • Microsoft Office 2010 software suite
    • CCH TaxPrep T1, T2, T3 and Forms
    • CCH Engagement for paperless trial balance and engagements
    • CCH Practice for time and billing
    • Other CCH Accountant’s Suite products, including Portal, Scan, Profit Driver, Financial Statement Notes Library and Online Tax Library
    • Many more
  • Secure wired and wireless network access
  • Use of our printers, scanners and other equipment
  • Network and IT support services