Anpa Raj,

Dipl Bus Adm and Accounting

Anpa earned a diploma in Business Administration specializing in accounting and payroll from the Canadian College of Business, Science and Technology in 2008 and a year later she joined the Sloan Group. With over a decade of bookkeeping and QuickBooks experience, Anpa has been instrumental in our efforts to improve clients’ bookkeeping records by easing the transition from their old systems to QuickBooks.

A native of Sri Lanka, Anpa moved to Toronto in 1992 where she met her husband and started a family. In her free time, Anpa enjoys dining at the many restaurants Toronto has to offer. She loves to spend time with her children, whether they’re relaxing at home or out at the movies, and would never pass-up the opportunity for a big family get-together.

Anpa likes working at the Sloan Group because of the people and the friendly environment. Whether it’s taking part in silly Halloween festivities, tricking people on April Fool’s Day or just a regular day at the office, Anpa brings a lot of fun to the Sloan team.

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