Tracking your mileage for Business? There’s an app for that

Most of us are aware that we can claim work-related automobile expenses on our taxes. This all sounds amazing, until you sit down and do the driving math differentiating personal and business trips. Do you go on Google Maps and calculate the route? Sure, but what if you took a detour? Do you differentiate the Trip A and Trip B in your cars odometer? Maybe, but then there is that one time you forgot to switch them. So many factors go into determining what to claim, it can become MileIQ is the app every driver needs to do the work for them.

CRA is asking for proof supporting any expenses claimed regarding a personal vehicle for work purposes. Once you start to look at the mileage, suddenly everything else needs to be considered. Maybe you took a toll road, or you had to pay for parking, expenses that should be claimed. They add up, and it is difficult to remember all the driving for work over a year. MileIQ does all the work for you, and all you do is print and send the logs. “When you go to submit, your vehicle claims, MileIQ allows you to confidently submit them,” says Jerry Paskowitz, CPA for Sloan Group. “There is no more second guessing, or having to rattle your brain to think back 11 months”.


First thing you do when you get in the car is open the MileIQ app; swipe right for business driving, and swipe left for personal. The app automatically runs in the background, and there is no need to press start or stop. You can add vehicles, purposes and destinations, a great feature if you consistently drive to the same places. Include additional expenses such as tolls and parking. MileIQ provides users with three different types of subscriptions; free, $5.99/month, and $4.99/year. Each subscription comes with different features, but are all tax-deductible. MileIQ also has a team subscription, tailored to your businesses specific needs. To top it all off, you can access the MileIQ dashboard on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Next year when you go to claim your mileage as a business expense, all you do is log into MileIQ, and print the report. You can find MileIQ in the iOS App Store or Google Play.

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